What We Do

The Claims Interest Group is one of the largest and most active Interest Groups of the CPCU Society.  IG involvement creates invaluable opportunities for members to connect and network as well as access informational resources and best practices.  It also opens the door to opportunities for increased leadership and participation in governance and committee work which ultimately transfers to your own professional development.


Collectively, the Claims Interest Group contributes significantly to the value proposition offered by the CPCU Society.  Some of our activities include:


  • Production and presentation of Webinars
  • Production and presentation of Annual Meeting seminars
  • Publication of professional articles in the Society’s quarterly journal, Insights


The Claims Interest Group Committee members meet twice a year in person at the Leadership Summit and Annual Meeting.  We welcome and encourage you to attend these meetings and learn more about how you can contribute, while at the same time, enhance your skills and increase opportunities to advance your career.